In social selling, which is what direct sales is, we attract people who want to socialize with us, be it online or in person. We attract people who aspire to be like us, who trust us and agree with our opinions, and those who enjoy our personality. Use the power of attraction in your branding and social media presence.

Here are a few ways to use attraction marketing in your direct sales business:

  • Make sure your social media profiles are optimized and completed fully, and that they are consistent across all platforms.
  • Make it easy for your audience to connect with you and follow you on all platforms.
  • Use attractive and visually compelling imagery in your social media profiles and posts.
  • Be authentic, yet professional.
  • Give inside glimpses into your business and private life so your audience can learn to trust you.
  • Let your personality show so people feel like they know you through the screen.
  • Use storytelling in your social media and blog posts to draw your followers and readers in.
  • In your writing, speak directly to the reader like they are a friend.

Your goal is to quickly establish a relationship with your readers and social media followers. They should get an idea of who you are, your personality, your values, and your mission within a few posts.

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